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"New research shows that boys are increasingly using sexually explicit social media messages to flirt, and it may be hurting them, as much as the girls who receive it.We’ve long known about sexting: when kids use sexually provocative language and pictures.But after four years of collecting interviews from students ages 4 to 18, their parents…
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NBC TODAY SHOW features The Big Disconnect and teen sexting

Courting disaster: Sexting boys “trying to connect” but missing important social cues and emotional development Excerpt: Parents are being confronted by the new “hookup culture” surrounding sexting, and how boys are courting their partners in more directly than ever. “Boys who engage in this they may be pushing the envelope but they don't feel what…
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Are Parents Digital Hypocrites?

Adults think they're setting limits but inadvertently teach kids to overuse gadgets, Dr. Steiner-Adair explains. Read an excerpt: "What I hear from kids as soon as they're old enough to know the word, is hypocrite. Kids say 'my parents are hypocrites. They say no phones at the dinner table, and then they take a call.'…
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