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What’s it to You? How Americans Feel About Life Tangled Up in the Web

Dr. Steiner-Adair joins PBS News Hour’s Jeffrey Brown to talk about social and emotional challenges of the Digital Age and the need to “outsmart our smartphones” to be savvy users. Excerpt: “…One of the good trends I see happening more and more in the schools I work in is that schools are doing more intentional…
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Courting Disaster: Boys sexting more, missing more social/emotional cues

NBC TODAY features The Big Disconnect and Dr. Steiner-Adair to launch a discussion of the ways boys use sexting “to connect,” but how it disconnects them from social/emotional learning essential for healthy development. Excerpt: Parents are being confronted by the new “hookup culture” surrounding sexting, and how boys are courting their partners in more directly…
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The Generational Tech Gap

"Dr. Nancy Snyderman and Catherine Steiner-Adair join to discuss the gap in technology use between kids and their parents." Watch at:
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