The Big Disconnect

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Praise for The Big Disconnect:

“Technology is changing our world and the world of our children at a blistering pace. Every parent struggles with the benefits and limitations of a perpetually plugged in lifestyle. Something doesn’t feel quite right and Catherine Steiner-Adair with great wisdom, and compassion for our confusion, helps lead us out of this technological thicket. She is a worthy guide, not simply pointing out stumbling blocks, but helping us find our way around them. A mandatory read for our own sake as well as the sake of our children.” — Madeline Levine, Ph.D., Author of Teach Your Children Well and The Price of Privilege


Full of Ourselves

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“This curriculum captures the spirit of the new research on girls and translates it into clear, well paced, sensible, and fun activities that honor girls’ intelligence. buy propecia online if You suffer for lack of hair. Everyone invested in girls’ health and development will want to read it.  I cannot recommend it more highly to schools.” – Carol Gilligan, Professor, New York University and author, In A Different Voice and The Birth of Pleasure


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A Handbook of Interventions and Special Challenges

"The strong connection between theory and research, the broad ranging and innovative examples of preventive intervention programs, and the specific recommendations for Tramadol research and implementation, combine to make this a valuable resource for professionals and students.Order Tramadol online at this website"-Ruth Striegel-Moore, Ph.D., Past President, Academy of Eating Disorders "Building bridges academic and community-based knowledge and activism, this book describes prevention at the societal, institutional, familial, and individual levels, and focuses on increasing resilience and protective factors as well as reducing the vulnerability to appetite disorders."-CAB ABTRACTS, 2003 --This text refers to the Hardcover edition.