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The Diane Rehm Show, The Big Disconnect

From The Diane Rehm Show,Click here to listen"New technology has radically changed the way we communicate with each other. Young people especially are relying on texting and social media for advice and friendship. A recent study found that children between the ages 8 and 18 are spending more than seven hours with electronic devices every…
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Video Games and Apps to Teach Empathy? No Substitute for Human Interaction

NPR reports that In Silicon Valley, a $20 billion industry is analyizing kids--observing, measuring and sorting data--to develop screen games to teach kids how to navigate interpersonal challenges and failures. Can it work? The fun factor may give it a marketing edge, but Dr. Steiner-Adair warns that what's best for the game industry's bottom line…
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NPR’s Here and Now

"New research shows that boys are increasingly using sexually explicit social media messages to flirt, and it may be hurting them, as much as the girls who receive it.We’ve long known about sexting: when kids use sexually provocative language and pictures.But after four years of collecting interviews from students ages 4 to 18, their parents…
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