Author of the award-winning book, The Big Disconnect: Protecting Childhood and Family Relationships in the Digital Age   (cited as a Wall Street Journal TOP 10 Best Non-Fiction 2013), Dr. Steiner-Adair examines ways in which the wonders of technology and media also change how children learn and grow, and shows parents and educators how to reap the benefits of tech while reducing the risks it poses at every stage of child development. Learn More

As a school consultant Dr. Steiner-Adair helps schools meet the challenges of educating 21 Century students to be smart, culturally savvy and compassionate global citizens. She works with school heads, boards, faculty, students, and parents, helping schools strengthen their school culture, core curriculum and to create new programs and initiatives.  Dr. Steiner-Adair has visited over 500 schools in the US and abroad, and spoken at conferences throughout North America, Central and South America, Asia, Europe, and the Middle East.

A leading expert specializing in child development, education, parenting, and workplace/family balance, Dr. Steiner-Adair speaks and consults on a wide range of topics, including: Social and Emotional Learning, Advisory, Health and Wellness, Digital Citizenships, Ethics and Leadership Education, and best practices for a healthy and thoughtful approach to technology at school, home and work.  Her long standing passion and research in closing the leadership gap for girls led to the development of the first successful school based program to strengthen girls self esteem, and body image.

In Full of Ourselves: A Wellness Program to Advance Girl Power, Health, And Leadership, Catherine Steiner-Adair shows how fortify girls confidence and efficacy as future leaders and deconstruct unhealthy cultural messages that make girls vulnerable to body preoccupation and eating disorders. Her audiences worldwide include educators, parent organizations, health professionals, corporations and non-profit organizations, children’s camps, and religious groups. Learn More >>

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Catherine Steiner-Adair gave a terrific presentation at an All School Meeting of Phillips Academy Andover.  The students and faculty, more than 1,200 strong, gave her a standing ovation at the end of her talk. This reaction to her talk was especially impressive because she had challenged the students about the importance of treating one another with respect and caring.  The presentation captured the attention of the students in part by reflecting back to them their own words, language that the students themselves had posted online.  The language, harsh and jarring, was read out loud on stage by respected members of the student community.  Dr. Steiner-Adair set these words in context, held the audience, and delivered a thoughtful message about community, character, and the challenges of life online.  What she did is not at all easy to do.”
– John Palfrey, Head of School, Phillips Academy Andover

“Catherine Steiner-Adair is a unique combination of brilliance and compassion. There is no one better at decoding the challenges that contemporary culture presents to the formation of a healthy childhood and a fulfilling family life – and in helping parents and kids develop the tools needed to shape a strong foundation for growing up in these times. She has become a tremendous resource for the Hathaway Brown community, and someone whose counsel we trust and treasure.”
— William Christ, Head of School, Hathaway Brown School

“I have never had so many faculty members register their positive responses to a consultant’s presence as have come to me to speak of your visit yesterday. It seems that you’ve touched a place in each of us that resonates with our questions about who these children are today and how we can work with them to provide guidance in their development as self-aware and compassionate human beings. Several have commented on their appreciation that you referenced trends and pressures on not only our young children but also the older adolescent population that they encounter now and will become eventually.”
— Janet Shaw, The Dalton School


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